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Keepin’ it Clean

Any Arkansan will tell you that summers can be miserable in the South. With heat indexes already reaching the 115°F mark this year, the last thing you want is a zapped air conditioner. So what exactly can you do to keep your home nice and cool to beat this humid heat?

Keep it clean, folks!

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Financing FAQs

Financing, at its core, is borrowing money to purchase something that you don’t have the funds for at the time. The borrowed money is then paid off over time, usually month by month. Financing gives you the opportunity to make your home improvement purchase today, when you need it most.

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10 Signs You Might Need a New A/C

With Spring just around the corner and taxes rolling in, we are all wondering where we could invest our tax refund! Advice from professionals: Invest it where it's going to save you the big bucks in the long run, like on your A/C unit! 

Here are 10 signs that you need to repair/replace your A/C unit: 

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