4 Signs Your Furnace is About to Kick the Bucket

Your furnace is one of the most important appliances in your home. When it comes to staying comfortable, it could be the source of plenty of headaches. Here are a few clues to look for if your furnace is as old as the hills:


Skyrocketing Bills

Have you noticed an increase in your utility bills without explanation? Are you trying to conserve energy, but the bottom line says the opposite? Older model furnaces require more energy during operation than newer energy efficient models. More energy equals more money. The old gravity vent gas furnaces were 60% efficient when new – which means 40% of your energy dollars have just been going up the flue. Recent furnace models are rated up to a 95% efficiency rating! Now this hike in cost could be due to many things, but there’s a good chance it’s time to retire that furnace!



Yellow Burner Flames

Check your burner flame! This is one of the best signs of a furnace ready to kick the bucket. If it’s in tip-top shape, the flame visible through the opening in your furnace should be blue/blueish green depending on whether your furnace is running on propane or natural gas. A blue steady blue flame in the burner compartment is a sign your furnace is producing complete combustion, which is ideal. If the flame is yellow or yellowish orange, it may indicate incomplete combustion or the possibility of a breach in the systems sealed heat exchanger. If your furnace is producing yellow flames or erratic flames during operation it maybe be a sign that your furnace is on its final days and needs to be service and more than likely replaced.



Life expectancy of a home’s gas furnace averages from 10-15 years. The last years of the equipment’s life is plagued with constant and costly repairs and replacement of the systems primary operating components.With an aging furnace, parts are also getting harder obtain and can leave your system inoperable for extended periods of time while waiting on replacements. So if you have had to have multiple repairs to your homes furnace in the last two years it is a very good sign that it is time for an upgrade.


Bumps & Bangs in the Night

As your furnace ages and components start to wear out unusual noises are bound to occur.  Pops, bangs, rattles, and squeals are plenty of reason to have your furnace serviced to be on the safe side.  As well as frequent cycling of your furnace blower and even the blowing of cold air during a heating cycle are definite signs that your system in need of service and possible replacement.

$ $ $

Any combination of these signs could mean a major dollar sign in the future. Regularly scheduled maintenance is the best option for making sure your furnace is good to go, and if it isn’t -- you should check out our financing options! We want to keep you and your family comfy.

HVAC 101Janet Hartz