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Residential HVAC installation takes a balance of experience and patience. Hard-earned experience lets us look at a floor plan or an existing home and immediately understand what types of home AC and furnace needs you have. Patience is important to problem solving when an unexpected issue comes up while installing heating and cooling systems. Scott Systems has both of these traits in spades. When you’re looking for the best in HVAC maintenance and installation, our contractors at Scott Systems Heating & Air have the experience and the patience to get the job done right!


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Our Process

Our HVAC installation process begins when we send one of our heating and air conditioning contractors to your home. Seeing your property firsthand allows for us to determine the best home heating products to install, what types of ducts you will need manufactured, etc. We want to tailor your home cooling and heating to your family as best as we can so any additional information you can provide us about your home is very helpful. Once we have gathered all the necessary information, HVAC installation can begin. Then we'll install the appropriate air conditioning and furnace for your families HVAC needs, as well as any additional products like split systems, sheet metal ductwork or environmental control systems for custom zone control.

Regular Maintenance

The beauty of Scott Systems is not only in the installation. Our talented HVAC contractors schedule regular HVAC maintenance to make sure your unit is always working properly. We understand that when your home heating unexpectedly breaks down, waiting for repairs is not an option. Scott Systems crews are available to clients 24/7. If you require emergency maintenance or a simple duct cleaning, just give us a call, we can send an HVAC contractor out to your home before you know it! We also schedule regular furnace service and checkups to make sure everything is working as intended. Whether you need a filter replacement or an emergency repair, the technicians at Scott Systems are here for a quick fix! Learn more about service contracts to keep your equipment running year round. →

Additional services:

  • Design and installation of HVAC systems, including new construction and retrofit projects to upgrade your existing home with the latest technology and capabilities

  • Installation of chillers and hot-water heaters

  • Installation of steam boiler systems

  • Scheduled maintenance (routine and 24/7 emergency) services of all the above

  • State-of-the-art automated estimation system for all mechanical services

  • Environmental system design with climate zones for ultimate comfort control

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While the HVAC scope and variation in products is small for residential properties, commercial air conditioning and heating requires more complex systems, more HVAC equipment and ultimately more man power. Scott Systems not only has the equipment and manpower, but plenty of experience installing and servicing commercial HVAC systems in schools, gyms and commercial offices. We work with property owners to understand what they are looking for in their new commercial air conditioning and heating.

On commercial properties conventional residential HVACs become less effective at climate control. When you begin exploring options for a commercial HVAC, alternative systems like a ductless air conditioner may become the more appropriate option for some areas. Not to worry, the HVAC contractors of Scott Systems work with you to sort through the overwhelming number of options when it comes to commercial air conditioning and heating. We work with you to pick what you need from a reputable vendor. With our knowledge and experience in commercial HVAC systems, you can count on our team of HVAC contractors to safely install your commercial HVAC to the highest industry standards.


Sheet Metal and Ductwork

Scott Systems isn’t limited to installing split air conditioning systems - we are well versed in every aspect of your commercial HVAC unit. This includes the fabrication and installation of sheet metal ductwork. Our technicians build all our ductwork in house using state-of-the-art precision cutters. For more information on this service, visit the Sheet Metal section below.

One of the greatest problems that comes with commercial HVAC are specific needs of different spaces on your property. Where one person might like a cold room, their next door neighbor might want to turn up the heat. We can make this happen! Scott Systems offers control systems which can be installed in individual rooms of your property, allowing different rooms to be fine tuned to the desired temperature of its residents.

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Scott Systems Industrial Services

Scott Systems works hard to provide our clients the best in HVAC installation, especially to our clients that require industrial air conditioning and heating. On properties like factories or chemical plants, industrial air conditioning is critical. Temperatures naturally get higher and often times an industrial HVAC will help remove harmful fumes from the property in a safe manner.

The differences between commercial and industrial HVAC are subtle. The real defining feature of an industrial HVAC unit is the specific and detailed custom ductwork. Even the strongest HVAC unit is rendered useless if there aren’t any HVAC ducts to carry the fresh air where it needs to be. Without proper ductwork, you’re paying for an expensive metal box when you purchase an HVAC installation for your industrial property.

Scott Systems takes a firsthand approach to this issue by coming to your property and determining the best locations for ductwork. They are custom fabricated and banded in-house so you can rest assured you have the best possible ventilation throughout your property. Scott Systems operates with the goal of giving our clients the best in HVAC. A major component to accomplishing that goal is to make sure the air conditioning gets to where it needs to be!


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We'll not only help you find the best industrial HVAC for your property, but install and regularly maintain it.  if you encounter any issues with your system, Scott Systems has a team of HVAC technicians available 24/7! We can have a team out right away to resolve any issues. Contact us for more information on the many ways we can improve your property through industrial HVAC.


The World’s Greatest HVAC Unit Deserves the World’s Greatest Ductwork


Scott Systems has the best sheet metal products available. Our technicians craft and install duct work using HVAC grade sheet metal. Which means we do all the fabricating and constructing using our own equipment in our shop. This gives us the advantage to create an HVAC sheet metal duct that is custom built for your home, business, or factory.

Ductwork constructed by HVAC sheet metal is one of the most valuable components in a working, reliable HVAC system. When it comes to industrial heating and air conditioning, there is only so much the actual HVAC system can do, which is where HVAC sheet metal ducts come in! If you’re hoping to get the most out of your new HVAC system, ducted air conditioning is best way and Scott Systems is here to help!


It doesn’t matter if you have the world’s greatest HVAC unit, without the right ductwork in place, your HVAC will be rendered useless.

Scott Systems In-House Sheet Metal Fabrication

The installation process begins with one of our HVAC technicians visiting your property or viewing a blueprint of your proposed layout. This hands on approach allows us to determine how much ductwork your property will actually require. We can also give you an accurate estimated cost for the sheet metal fabrication and an approximate description of how long it will take. Scott Sytems uses state-of-the-art plasma cutters to precision cut all the sheet metal for a perfect fit. These products are then hand joined and hand assembled to fit perfectly, and out of the way, on your property. Our HVAC contractors take pride in their work just as much as we take pride in delivering them to you!

Have more questions about custom sheet metal fabrication? we are happy to provide you with more information.


In large facilities like industrial and commercial properties, a one size fits all HVAC system is unrealistic.


In multipurpose facilities like schools or factories, there are a number of different HVAC issues that need to be addressed. In addition, dozens of people inhabit your building and will have the different preferences in their room’s temperature control systems. The most realistic solution to meeting all the climate requirements of various rooms is to install HVAC controls into each of the rooms of your property. Or you may want a temperature control system, which is responsible for providing specific zones in a property the perfect climate. Not sure which is best for your property? Scott Control Systems can help you decide! 


Custom Control Systems

Scott Systems recently formed Scott Control Systems; a subsidiary of Scott Systems specializing in HVAC controls. Scott Control Systems offers comprehensive control system installation, mainenance and repair. If you’re interested in getting HVAC controls installed in your property, Scott Control Systems begins by visiting your property and determining how many different temperature control systems are necessary to suit your needs. We can then map out the different “zones” of your systems and spaces each system will control. This allows our technicians to help you select the ideal heating/air control system for your facility and install it with ease. The ultimate goal of Scott Control Systems is to give you full control of your HVAC system throughout your facility. 

Scott Systems Control Systems Services


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