Q&A with the Experts of HVAC

To give you a look at how our employees love to serve you, we asked our Project Coordinator and HVAC Consultant to give us the inside look into their everyday job.


1. How long have you worked in the industry?

“27 years.”

“I have been working in the HVAC business for 12 years.”


2. What's a common problem you see?

“Homes needing maintenance on their air conditioning and heating equipment.”

“Unmaintained and dirty equipment is the most common issue that I run into every day. Not having routine cleanings and regular filter changes cause about 90% of the equipment failure calls we receive.”


3. What's something about HVAC that people probably don't know?

“The importance of quality duct work in the home and proper sizing of equipment for the home.”

“Having properly sized and balanced ductwork and attic insulation is just as important as the actual central heating and air conditioning system itself. Both the duct system as well as the heating and cooling equipment, must be properly sized for the home being conditioned and have maintenance performed regularly to properly maintain comfort levels in the home as well as run efficiently to prevent excessively high utility bills. If either the duct system or the heating and air conditioning system is improperly sized and not maintained, the home will not be able to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the different seasons.”


4. What's the dirtiest thing about your job - if Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs TV show came to shadow you, what would you show him?

“I don’t know about dirty, but one of the best things about my job is the satisfaction of helping a customer solve their heating and air conditioning problems.  When the customer goes from no heating or cooling and being miserable, to when their heating or cooling issue is solved, and they are comfortable in their home.”

“Definitely would have to say crawling under houses and in attics as well as having to clean severely dirty evaporator coils would be the dirtiest of the dirty we deal with on a daily basis.”


5. What do you love about working for Scott Systems?

“I love the relationships I have developed over the past 27 years in the heating and cooling industry. Working with Scott Systems enables me to continue these relationships.”

“The people are what I love the most. The people I work with are definitely top notch in this field and make coming to work every day fun and interesting, there is never a dull moment. I also love the new people I get to meet every day to help with their home comfort and indoor air quality.

That’s really what makes this job worth doing.”

A big thanks to Theresa and Zach for all that you do at Scott Systems! We're always looking for hardworking people to add to the team. If you are looking to work alongside people who work hard and love what they do, use the button below to apply.