Keepin’ You + Your Pet Comfy!

Do you have a pet that is more like family? We sure do! They think they own our home, and most of the time, they are probably right.

With winter here, and the weather being up and down, we wanted to remind y’all to stay in tune with your pet’s health and comfort during these next months! 

Scott Systems is Keeping You and Your Pets Comfy

Our fur babies have different ways of regulating their body temperatures. Dogs, for example, will pant or lay on the cold kitchen floor if they get too hot. Dogs typically like temperatures that are comfortable to us. Cats on the other hand, prefer temperatures to be a warmer so they’ll do just fine with your heater cranked up. 

If you are one of those people who bundles up through the winter in an attempt to beat having a high electric bill, chances are your animals will be uncomfortable all winter long. You may even wake up to your dog and cat hogging the covers. 

Here are some take aways for thinking of you + your pet's comfort the rest of this winter: 

  • Change your air filters regularly! 

  • Be aware of the air quality in your home (in the winter, our home's air can get stagnate and filled with pet dander since it's too cold to open windows and let fresh air in). 

  • Be mindful of how the temperate in your home is affecting your animals.

  • Get your HVAC checked if you feel your bill is too high.

  • Older animals are more sensitive to harsher conditions. They need extra love and prime treatment.

  • Make sure to feel comfy in your home! Chances are, if you do, then your pets will to. 
Scott Systems - Keeping You Comfy in every season

Our mission is to keep you comfy through the summer heat and the winter’s cold! Give us a call if you are not satisfied with your HVAC’s performance.

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