Interview with an HVAC trailblazer!

David Reeves has been in the industry long enough to have "seen it all!" This month, we asked him to share his most memorable HVAC moments. Next time you see Dave be sure and ask him about that day in Lincoln County!

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1. How did you get started in HVAC?

My Dad did ammonia refrigeration as well as farming and welding. Dad advised me to go into the Freon side of the business so that’s what got me here.


2. How long have you been with Scott Systems?

Over 40 years! My third job and last.


3. What's the weirdest thing you've seen while servicing HVAC?

Back in my early years, we were called to install HVAC at a new house at Palmyra in Lincoln County. My boss at the time, Barbara Scott sent me saying “Oh yes De’bid (Barbara's German accent), they left the door open for you to fix their A/C. Go on in, okay? When the  homeowner pulled up to the house I see a 44 magnum revolver with 5 live rounds and the end of the barrel as large as a coffee cup. So NO-ooo Barbara did NOT talk to these people before she sent me out to work on their house! And yes, I did have to go straight home  afterwards when the ordeal was finally over. I’ll let you Imagine why! That was probably the most weird… and scary!

4. What's your fondest Scott Systems memory?

There are many, but probably my most memorable would be the day late owner Joe Scott and I were sitting in his truck observing the total devastation of Katrina. We were hired to repair the heating and air in their public schools and both agreed this would be the most important job we would ever do as a company.

5. What makes Scott Systems a great place to work?

I would say the generosity to the employees and customers.


6. What's the biggest tech advancement you've seen in HVAC?

Cell Phone Communication!

A big thanks to Mr. Dave for all that you do at Scott Systems! We're always looking for hardworking people to add to the team. If you are looking to work alongside people who work hard and love what they do, use the button below to apply.